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Is This Photo Breaking the Law in Washington, D.C.?

I like to consider myself as a travel enthusiast. While I was growing up, my parents took me to all sorts of cool places. When photography came into my life, it was a pretty smooth transition into capturing the sights that I may only see once in my lifetime. So when I first heard about Washington, D.C.’s photo laws, I found myself slightly taken aback.

Eyes and Ears: The Songs of Photography

On any given day, a quick Google search will result in numerous lists and collections of “songs about photography.” I swear, if I see one more list that begins with Nickelback’s “Photograph,” I’m probably going to launch a petition against the Internet. Yes, the entire Internet. For the most part, these lists include any and every mention of words like “camera,” “photograph,” “shutter,” “flash,” or something similar. I took it upon myself to weed through these lists and do my own research on what truly made a song related to photography. Also, I’d like to mention that plenty of great tracks didn’t make it onto the list you’re about to read (notably artists like Ringo Starr and Santana; sorry Lady Gaga), so I’d love for you to leave a comment with some your favorites.

Unique Photo Carves Photography-Themed Pumpkins

Have you noticed a horrendous lack of photographic pumpkins out there? No, not pumpkin cameras. I mean pumpkins carved by photographers, for photographers. There are a few bobbing around the vast sea of the Internet, but seriously…With the amount of photographers in the world [Completely unfounded "fact": 2 in 1 people are photographers], why are there no carvings of cameras, camera brands, camera phones, or even just something remotely related to photography? That’s where we come in. The diligent staff here at Unique Photo took it upon themselves to change the Internet forever with a brief series of pumpkin carvings that accurately fill that oh-so-empty void. Halloween isn’t just for kids… Photographers are people too, you know! Below are just some of the carvings that our staff creatives have come up with:

Food Photography by Alan Sailer

I’ll begin this post by apologizing in advance for the perversion of provisions you’re about to witness.   Those of you who know me will already understand my affinity toward all-things edible. What can I say? I like to eat! That said, I would consider what photographer Alan Sailer has done to the following food products a travesty at worst. If this is what happens when someone takes a pellet gun, some marbles, and a Nikon D90 to a picnic, consider me uninvited.

We're Feeling a Little Green

As many of you read earlier this week, we’re in the process of installing over one thousand solar panels on the roof of our Fairfield, NJ Superstore. Fellow Unique Photo photographer Nick Andriuolo and I decided to go up there armed with a Nikon D800 and a Canon EOS 5D Mark III to take a look at the progress. See our results:

Five Day Photo Challenge: Day 5

“Wait, wasn’t that the goal all along? What have you been making us do these past five days? I want my money back!” That’s what I envision you saying when you read today’s challenge. First of all, if you paid anything to participate in this challenge, someone is ripping you off. I certainly couldn’t charge for something like this. Secondly, yes, the purpose of this challenge was to make you experiment with your photography, to practice creativity, and to have a fun (long) weekend project to do. But today’s challenge employs the previous four to a certain extent. Isn’t there one style of photography you’ve been itching to try but never got around to learning the basics of it? Macro, maybe, or camera toss? Today is your day to sit yourself down and learn.