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Can Meaningful Relationships Be Created Online?

Can Meaningful Relationships Be Created Online?

It all started when I sent that first tweet quoting a video I watched. Then came the follow-up about The Incredible Hulk wrestling with Hulk Hogan. 8 months later, the recipient of that first tweet showed up unannounced at my wedding...

So is the beginning of a slasher film? Or a rom-com where I'm portrayed by Ryan Gosling? No... it's the beginning of a friendship that started with a conversation.

All it took was one tweet to start a conversation. A relationship that may never have happened, simply by making a 1% change and attempting to add value to someone. This was the tweet:

That’s it. It wasn’t life changing or revolutionary in any way. All I did was quote a line that I enjoyed from a video that I watched, then sent it to the person who said it.

One year ago today, if you'll reference the image at the top of this post, we met for the first time in person.

When we first started dating, my wife used to tell me that "having friends online is creepy." Years later, she's the one who sent the wedding invitation.

Have you had an ah-ha moment yet? I’ve noticed that people tend to overthink their online engagements, either “word vomiting” everything they’ve ever thought, or “vaguebooking” and posting something that 90% of their audience won’t understand without being part of whatever organization/business/team the poster is a part of.

Instead, one simple tweet can begin a conversation. Like my friend John-Erik says, conversations lead to relationships.

That relationship grew organically over the months, until finally, he and his daughter ended up at our wedding less than 10 months later.

So go out. Start a conversation. Create a relationship. You can do it!

PS: Here's another Ryan Gosling GIF in case you missed the first one.

PPS: My wife said that making friends online is "creepy." Click here to read this story from her perspective.

PPPS: John-Erik caught the exact moment when Caity found him at our wedding on video!

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