πŸ“Έ Dan is a photographer based in Sussex County, NJ. He has been linked to such companies as Google, Squarespace, and Insta360.

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Photo by Tim Kauger

365 Project: Day 1

Hello world! It's officially Day 1 of 2015, the most popular day of this year for beginning resolutions. A few days back, I posted something about looking to make results, not resolutions, and you know what? I'm going to stick to that!

Thanks to some motivation (read: peer pressure) from my friends at Idalia Photography, I'm going to partake in a 365 project this year, or a photo a day. This will help to not only keep me accountable, but also force me to flex my creativity.

So here's Day 1: Pepper looking how I feel this morning on New Year's Day.Β 

Island Beach State Park

Island Beach State Park

The Next Huge Trend in Health

The Next Huge Trend in Health