Published: PonderRosa Studios and the A&R Registry

The Music Business Watch's A&R Registry is a staple in the music industry, acting as a contact directory for the who's who of the music industry across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. PonderRosa Studios in Lafayette, NJ was given the opportunity to be showcased in a writeup within the A&R Registry, so they reached out to me to get some fresh shots of the studio to showcase their state of the art space.

Safety Check for Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew is no joke. This is the country's biggest natural disaster in years, and as it begins to make landfall in the US after it decimated homes and other structures in Haiti and the Bahamas, I wanted to highlight a possibly little-known Facebook feature that will help you keep in touch with your loved ones.

Beachfront Wedding in New Haven, Connecticut

"It's about damn time!"

That seemed to be the overall sentiment at my cousin Neil's wedding to Karen, a member of our family for much longer than she's been legally obligated to be. Caity and I were graciously invited up to New Haven for a "casual brunch" on the beach to watch Karen and Neil tie the knot.