Beachfront Wedding in New Haven, Connecticut

"It's about damn time!"

That seemed to be the overall sentiment at my cousin Neil's wedding to Karen, a member of our family for much longer than she's been legally obligated to be. Caity and I were graciously invited up to New Haven for a "casual brunch" on the beach to watch Karen and Neil tie the knot.

Kids Camp 2016 at Transformation Church

I got to spend my day off traveling back in time to the old west for Transformation Church's annual Kids Camp. This volunteer-run event invited kids from age 4 through 6th graders to come play, craft, dance, and adventure in the old west... well, the old west on the TC campus!

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A 360ΒΊ View of Lake Mohawk, Sparta, NJ

Aside from being home to Lake Mohawk Country Club, the super cool place where my wife and I got married, Lake Mohawk is a place that Caity and I visit pretty often, either for the incredible homemade ice cream, the burgers at Krogh's, or just to walk the boardwalk and take in the sunset over the water.

This week, we opted for the latter of those three, taking in the sunset over the beach, just off the boardwalk. So what better time of day to take a 360ΒΊ photo?